Getting Started With Your New Vaporizer

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You just found the perfect vaporizer. But what do you do now? Here’s some advice on what you can do to get started, and how you can keep your vaporizer clean so that it always functions properly.

Make Sure You Have All The Gear You Need Before You Start Vaping

The vaporizer is the main part of your toolkit, and is going to cost you more than any other piece of gear. But that doesn’t mean you should stop there. You’ll need plenty of other gear make the most of your herbs and have a great vaping experience. Here are some pieces you should make sure you have before you start vaping:

There’s no point in splurging on that perfect vape if you won’t have the perfect herb to put in the chamber. And you won’t have without a good grinder. Consider the type of vaporizer you bought. Some may need a specific grind (although many can handle grinds of all different types). The right grinder makes every session go smoothly, and keeps you from having to slowly pull apart your herbs by hand. It will also keep your vaporizer functioning properly

Even the most enthusiastic vapers won’t always make it through all of the herbs they grinded. That’s why you should always have a conveniently sized storage container on hand for any extra herb. Look for one that has a good seal and is odor blocking. Your herbs will stay fresh as long as you need them to

Even the most efficient vaporizer will eventually run out of battery. If your vaporizer is powered by disposable batteries, make sure you have some extras on hand. And if you bought one that has a removable charging battery, consider buying extra batteries so that you can swap in a fully charged one whenever you run low on juice

Many vaporizers will come with this included, but make sure you have a cleaning brush so that you can keep your vaporizer functioning properly by keeping your chamber free of debris and residue. It’s important that you regularly clean any vaporizer to keep in clear of debris and residue, which will keep your vapor smooth and flavorful

If you’re thinking about taking your vaporizer with you as you travel, you might consider getting a case. This will help you bring along all the extra gear you need to keep your vaporizer in great condition. It will also minimize wear on your vaporizer


Find The Right Herb Or Concentrate For Your Vaporizer

Your new vaporizer will help you make the most of any herb you choose. So choose wisely, and find something that will make the most of your vaporizer.


Loading The Chamber

You’ve just unboxed your vaporizer, and you want to get started right away. But don’t get too greedy with your first bowl, and don’t push your vaporizer too much. If you load too much herb, you won’t get a good draw, and could partially burn it. Start small and work your way up.


Heating Up

Don’t try to inhale right away! Depending on your type of vaporizer, it could take anywhere from half a minute to a few minutes for the oven to get hot enough for vapor to be produced. It can be hard to be patient, but wait until your vaporizer is fully heated before you inhale so that you get a full cloud of vapor.


And Finally… Take A Hit

It’s been a long build up, but your herb is loaded, the chamber is hot, and now it’s time to finally inhale. Take a deep breath (not too deep), and enjoy.


Experiment With Your Vaporizer

Most vaporizers will have multiple settings that you can tinker with. It can take time to find the right settings for the herbs that you are vaping. Play around with the temperature. Different herbs will require different temperatures. If the vapor doesn’t come out perfectly right away, don’t panic! It can take some experimentation to find a setting that produces the clouds you are looking for. Once you do find the right temperature, all of the experimentation will pay off.


Get Used To The Device

Vaping is a different experience than smoking, and it can take some time to get used to the potency of your device. Always take it easy the first few times around as you adjust, and see how you respond before you add more to the chamber. There’s no better way of ruining your first session than overdoing it. Be patient, and learn your limits before you push them.


Clean Your Vaporizer

It can be tempting to just let the vaporizer go without cleaning it. But keeping it well maintained will give you years of vaping without any drop off in performance.  You won’t have to worry about odd flavors or burning if you keep your vaporizer clean. The cleaning process will vary by the device, and most manufacturers will describe how you should clean their particular vape. Here are some basic tips on how you can clean your vaporizer:

  • The best way to keep a vaporizer clean is to do a bit of maintenance after every session, preferably immediately after. This may seem annoying, but it only takes a few seconds, and will keep your vaporizer in great condition. In the end, it will save you time and frustration
    • Flip the vape upside down and tap out any remaining debris. Be gentle when you tap
    • Use a cleaning brush to get the remaining herb out of the chamber, and scrub to remove the residue. Be careful with how much pressure you put on the chamber
    • Make sure you clean the screens, as residue can accumulate here and affect the flavor of your vapor. Most screens can be removed, which makes them easy to clean
    • Do not use water on your vaporizer, unless the instructions tell you to. This can damage the wiring
  • If your vaporizer needs a more serious cleaning, use isopropyl alcohol for the screens and mouthpiece. Let them dry before replacing them in the device. You shouldn’t put any liquids directly into the heating oven, unless the instructions directly specify that you should. This doesn’t need to be done after each session, but you should do it fairly regularly to avoid too much residue build up

Have Fun With Your Vaporizer

You spent a good amount of money on getting all of the gear for a perfect vaping experience.  And now’s the time for you to sit back, let it heat up, and take a long draw. Enjoy.


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