Grindhouse Vault 2-in-1 Vaporizer


  • $134.95

Portability doesn’t mean you should sacrifice performance. The Grindhouse Vault 2-in-1 vaporizer gives you top of the line vaping performance in a portable and efficient package that you can take anywhere.

 The body is built from anodized aluminum, with a smooth, stylish look and feel.

The heating is true convection, with a titanium heating chamber that won’t create hot spots, and will efficiently and evenly heat whatever herb or concentrate you choose. That means your vapor will be smooth and consistent, and won’t get too hot. 4 temperature settings give you the flexibility to find the right heat for your vaping.

Haptic feedback gives you the responsiveness you need for comfortable and seamless vaping.

The silicone insulated mouthpiece is comfortable and durable, and cleans easily.

A wax cup is included in every package.

Recharging is easy and quick with the included USB charger. A single charge has enough heating time so that you can take the Grindhouse with you wherever you go without having to recharge halfway through the day.

Featuring a compact and stylish design with even heating and excellent battery life, the Grindhouse 2-in-1 vaporizer will give vapers on the go everything they need and more, and for an affordable price.