X-Vape Avant Vaporizer


  • $79.75

The X-Vape Avant Vaporizer features a portable and compact build, with a stylish, slim look. The flat design means it can go wherever you go, slipping into pockets or travel bags.

Powered by a single removable battery, the X-Vape Avant can last for up to 80 minutes of vape time with a single charge, meaning you can vape on the go without worrying about running out of charge and having to scramble for an outlet.

The body is made from premium aluminum. The ceramic zirconia mouthpiece won’t overheat, giving you a smooth and comfortable vaping experience, no matter how long you go for. The mouthpiece is magnetic, sticking to the side of the vaporizer so that you never have to worry about losing it.

The ceramic conduction heats evenly and quickly, so you don’t have to wait. The 5 temperature settings give you a vaporizing experience that’s right for you.

A slim profile that fits in your pocket. Long battery life with efficient power use and quick recharging. Ceramic convection heating with 5 settings. The X-Vape Avant portable vaporizer has everything you could ask for from a vaporizer at a fraction of the price of other options, and a fraction of the size.