X-VAPE XMax Starry Portable Vaporizer


  • $149.75

One of the newest additions to the X-Vape line, this vaporizer offers premium performance in a pocket-sized design so that you don’t have to compromise when you’re vaping on the go.

The vaporizer is built from anodized aluminum, giving it top-of-the line durability and a stylish, smooth look.

The heating oven is made only of ceramic, giving you all-around heat flow that produces vapor quickly, without hot spots. This means the vapor is smooth and draws evenly. The efficient heat chamber design keeps it clean, requiring less frequent cleaning than other vaporizers.

The heating can be adjusted by specific temperatures, and can be put on a timer. The XMax gives you the options to vape the way you want to. With an 80 minute battery life, you won’t run out of charge on the go. And if you do, the battery can be swapped out and replaced.

The mouthpiece folds in, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing any loose parts after you vape.

With one of the most compact and efficient designs of any vaporizer out there, the X-Vape XMax Starry portable vaporizer gives you a customizable vaping experience that will fit in your pocket, without burning holes in it.