X-VAPE Fog Portable Vaporizer


  • $149.95

A premium vaporizer doesn’t have to come with a premium price. The X-Vape Fog portable vaporizer offers top of the line performance in a portable, affordable package that can travel with you anywhere.

The X-Vape Fog features a large, all-ceramic heating oven. The heating is a hybrid of convection and conduction, producing even and efficient heat. The oven heats up quickly, and the chamber design allows for even heat flow that gives you a smooth, clean vapor that won’t get too hot. Five temperature settings give you the control to customize your vaping experience to your liking.

The build is more solid than other X-Vape vaporizers, without sacrificing portability. The premium aluminum construction gives it excellent durability, so it will hold up no matter where you take it. The swivel mouthpiece gives you style and comfort as you vape, and you won’t have to worry about misplacing it.

The battery will give you around 60 minutes of heating time, so you’ll have enough charge to If you do run out, the battery can be swapped, or recharged through the Micro-USB slot.

The X-Vape Fog portable vaporizer is great for those that want to vape on the go, without sacrificing comfort or performance.